Hill Country REACT Team members are responsible for organizing or just helping with most of the public service events happening in this area of Texas, including bicycle rides / races, ultra marathons, horse competitions, parades, car shows and more.  In the Pre-Covid-19 world, we helped put on an average of 15 or more events each year.  However, after Covid-19 struck the world, the number of events plummeted as various social distancing methods were implemented.   

Members getting ready for the Christmas Parade – Aerial drone view

REACT members train together as a Team, by using public service events and drills to practice working together and improving our skills in communicating between ourselves and other stations. REACT does not believe in waiting until the emergency is upon us before teaching our members how to be better prepared to respond in a timely manner. We have members in the team residing in multiple counties including Bexar, Comal, Kendall, Bandera, Guadalupe, Travis, and even Bastrop County (seasonal).

Our Team is also licensed to communicate on select commercial UHF frequencies and have a portable UHF repeater, plus what we affectionately refer to as as our “radio suitcase”.   This suitcase contains 20 commercial HT (handheld) radios, extra batteries, chargers, antennas, hand microphones, etc., for when we work events where Amateur Radio isn’t needed or we involve persons who are not licensed to use Amateur Radio. Many of our members are capable of operating in different modes (voice / digital) on almost all HF, VHF and UHF amateur radio, public safety, and commercial / business bands. Our Amateur Radio Call Sign is K5HCR.

We own and use a gas powered golf cart at some of our physically larger events, affectionately known by the members as “Gassie.”   It has an off road lift kit and has been modified to handle up to 4 riders or to carry gear on the back shelf.   This cart is very old and the Team is seeking a new(er) cart to replace it.  The following video clip is from the October 2022 Dam Fine Car Show out at Canyon Lake and shows Gassie being used to transport other volunteers.


Our members maintain their skills and equipment through regular community service events. Often this entails setting up a command center at the event site, providing communications  assistance during the event, then dismantling the system and returning the equipment to standby.  Our members are extremely experienced with coordinating the communications for large parades, bicycle rides, runs and similar events. In 2023, our schedule of events has started building back up once again.

Our ability to coordinate these events depends upon many factors, including our prior commitments, the event’s manpower requirements and the availability of our members to rise to the challenge, so the more advance notice the better. We prefer to be involved in the event planning stage as well, which can help make your event run smoother with our experience and expertise on a wide variety of event types and venues.  We often bring in other radio operators to help us manage a larger event when our own membership base is not able to do it alone.

Here are a few of our Annual Public Service Events

  • January
    • Bandera 100K Hoka One – Tejas Trails – This is a 36 hour trail running event held in Hill Country State Natural Area (state park) near Bandera, Texas. Amateur Radio operators provide communications along the course at 5 aid stations, plus the start/finish line, tracking runner bib numbers and helping with logistic support.   We use WinLink software (Packet) over Amateur Radio network to transmit the bib numbers
    • Big Bend Ultra Marathon by Overland Racing

      Amateur Radio Station at Checkpoint Alpha with Cross Band Repeater Setup

      – A cross country trail run event thru the desert, out in the Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Routes include 10K / 20K / 30K / 50K and a 50 mile (80K) choice. No cellphone coverage out on the course, so Amateur Radio stations are utilized to provide communications and track runner progress.  5 Aid Stations area set up, some accessible only on foot or 4×4 vehicles. 1 Day Race on a Sunday, but need to allow travel time to/from the event location. VHF repeaters from the Big Bend Amateur Radio Club, plus simplex frequencies & cross band radio are used for this event.  Volunteers need a 4x or AWD higher clearance vehicle to participate.

  • February
    • AERC River Run Horse Endurance Race – Amateur Radio stations are used at each check point where the riders check in with the officials and/or veterinarian. 25 Mile & 50 Mile courses.  (2-day event)  We use WinLink software (Packet) over Amateur Radio network to transmit the bib numbers.

  • March
    • Canyon Lake Crop Hunger Walk – Radio operators are stationed on the Canyon Lake Dam to monitor participant safety on the Dam and to report unauthorized access.

  • April
    • National MS Society’s Big Texas BikeMS 2-day bicycle ride – Multiple starts (Houston & Austin). Hams are at multiple aid stations (rest stops) on the courses each day, providing communications for ride safety & logistics. SAG vans & Motorcycle Marshals are mostly Ham Radio equipped (but not required).

  • May
    • Annual Bulverde Run For The Hills – 5K/10K/Walk event in Bulverde, Texas.  REACT provides radio operators along the route and helps with participant parking in fields.

  • June
    • Texas Water Safari – Ham radio operators monitor boat #’s as the canoes arrive & depart at each check point.
    • Annual Amateur Radio Field Day – While the Team normally doesn’t organize our own event, many of our members will participate in other area Ham Club Field Day locations.

  • July

    Aerial view of the 4th of July Staging Area in Startzville, Texas


    • 4th of July Parade in Startzville, Texas. Volunteers help to organize the staging area for the parade, then get to ride in the parade using their own vehicles.

  • August – Typically a quiet month without any scheduled events. Too hot for outside activities.

  • September – Typically a quiet month without any scheduled events, but rest up, because the month of October will make up for it.

  • October is a busy, busy month
    • National MS Society’s Valero BikeMS Ride to the River bicycle tour (2-Day event) – Ham radio operators staff aid stations (rest stops), SAG Vans, Motorcycle Marshals, Net Control and backup support for event officials. Usually held on the 1st weekend of October.
    • Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce BBQ Competition – Radio operators help coordinate parking and control vehicle access to the event. Often on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
    • Canyon Lake Alliance – Dam Fine Car Show – Radio operators monitor access to the dam, provide use of our Radio Suitcase to the organizers, help with transport of the handicap & elderly using our golf cart, etc. Often on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
    • October Cactus Rose Cross Country Race – Tejas Trails.  This is a 36 hour trail running event held in Hill Country State Natural Area (state park) near Bandera, Texas. Amateur Radio operators provide communications along the course at 5 aid stations, plus the start/finish line, tracking runner bib numbers and helping with logistic support.   Use WinLink software over Amateur Radio network to transmit the bib numbers. Usually held on the 4th weekend.
    • October 31st – Halloween in Sattler – The Team sets up a table / display area near Prosperity Bank on the main road thru Sattler and distributes a lot of candy to the children. The Chamber of Commerce supplies us with most of the candy, but our members may supplement their supply with more.  This is a community wide event, with multiple non-profits (like us) and local businesses passing out candy to the children from the area.
  • November
    • Veterans Day Parade – Universal City, Texas.  Radio operators are positioned at key locations along the parade route to assist the UC police department under their direction.  They relocate per-positioned barricades to block off side entrances from from shopping centers or help an officer to block off a cross street.
  • December
    • Canyon Lake Christmas Parade – Sattler, Texas. Radio operators help organize the staging area and coordinate the insertion of parade entries into their assigned locations.  Once the parade has begun, our volunteers can drive their vehicles in the parade itself.   We usually meet up afterwards for a group lunch at a local restaurant for our Christmas celebration (dutch treat).

Membership in REACT

Send an email to to get an application sent to you, or to find out more details.   Our members pay an annual dues, which go towards our Team registration with REACT International and pay for our liability insurance coverage.  All members and the Team are protected in the event of a 3rd party filing a claim against us.